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Founder’s Message

Tan Sri Dr. Ngau and Puan Sri Ngau

Dear Friends,

2023 has been a significant year for MyKasih. The Federal Government piloted the Sumbangan Asas Rahmah (SARA) cashless welfare programme using our MyKad payments technology. We delivered food aid and brought impact to more than 112,000 B40 households throughout Peninsula Malaysia over a period of six months. With the successful conclusion of SARA this 2023, we are set to double, if not triple, our efforts to execute SARA in 2024.

Additionally, we kept the momentum going for educational and school sports development initiatives, as well as community livelihood programmes supported by corporate donors. We ran 15 programmes with DIALOG Group, Deleum, Hess Asia, Micron, Yayasan Hartalega, Linde, Oxy Malaysia, Malaysia Airports, and many others. We also partnered with PAN Productions and staged our annual musical fundraiser in aid of the Orang Asli Children’s Education Fund.

As we reflect on 2023, some key takeaways are:-

  • Brand – the MyKasih brand is synergistic with the cashless method of welfare distribution via the MyKad.
  • Efficient – we achieved more with less. Our work on SARA has proven that we can deploy and disburse aid efficiently and account for the ringgits spent by recipients.
  • Teamwork – despite our lean resources, we worked as a team together with our collaborative partners to execute projects.

We will be reinvesting our 2023 achievements and lessons learnt into 2024 and beyond. We continue to offer our MyKad-driven cashless payment system to those interested in targeted access and poverty alleviation through food security and education.

Together, we can do much more. We hope that others will be inspired to join hands with us to improve the lives of families still living in poverty. Our focus is to align and work with highly talented and engaged people, fueled by passion for humanity, to ensure that we grow our charitable footprint in the coming years.

Strategic collaborations and optimisation of humanitarian efforts will allow for resources to be devoted into delivering quality and impactful work. On that note, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the support from our donors, programme partners, beneficiary schools and over 600 retail outlets nationwide.

I am also incredibly proud of the passion and enthusiasm of each member of the MyKasih Team. Your tireless efforts have touched and transformed the lives of those in need. May we remain kind and compassionate as we persevere in our mission of creating loving and caring neighbourhoods all over Malaysia.